Success Story in Flanders: izmoEurope

14 oct., 2015
Success Story in Flanders: izmoEurope

Flanders European Entrepreneurial Region Features the izmoEurope  Success Story

Flanders : TheFlanders European Entrepreneurial Region showcased  izmoEurope  as one of the outstanding Success Stories of the region.
The Flanders European Entrepreneurial Region website also featured Tej Soni, CEO of izmoEurope in a promotional video of the business advantages of the region.

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In the Video, Tej Soni explains the successful partnership between izmo and the Flanders European Entrepreneurial Region which helped to make izmoEurope a huge success story in a very short time frame, as well as the locational advantages of Flanders for an Automotive media and marketing company.

About izmocars
izmocars is a group with a global vision and a range of innovative products that power automotive e-retailing. Founded in 2002, izmocars services some of the most successful Auto Stores in Europe, Americas, and Asia.

Tej Soni, le Président d'#izmocars partage la seule chose que les concessions puissent faire afin d'impulser 400% plus d'engagement en 2016.
Avec un milliard de vidéos vues chaque jour, le contenu visuel est devenu maintenant l'outil numéro #1 du Marketing pour les concessionnaires automobiles.
Flanders European Entrepreneurial Region Features the izmoEurope Success Story
izmoEurope consists of state-of-the-art automotive photography studios set in the town of Vilvoorde in Flanders